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The Future Fund Active ETF (FFND) Daily Performance as of 06/09/2023

06/09/2023 1 day change $ 1 day change % Year to date Ann Since Inc Select fund
FFND NAV $18.11 $0.06 0.33% 23.03% -16.43% FFND
FFND MKT $18.12 $0.08 0.44% 24.19% -16.40%
FFND inception 8/24/2021; Expenses net/gross 1.01%/1.01%

Investing in The Future Fund

When you invest with us, you’re investing in transformative companies that are changing our world. We believe these innovative companies are best positioned to exploit the secular changes around them to grow their addressable markets, gain share, and drive profitability.

With your investment, you’ll have

An opportunity to participate in innovation
Exposure to megatrends shaping the future
High conviction strategy driven by proprietary research
An experienced portfolio team
Daily transparency and liquidity

Key Megatrends

We’re seeking to identify inflection points in multi-year secular trends created by changes in technology, consumer preferences, demographics and environmental sustainability.

We believe innovative companies who leverage these changes can significantly accelerate their revenue growth, earnings trajectories, and market capitalizations.
megatrends pic


Megatrends have been changing the way people live for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Read our brief on how we believe these global forces are impacting businesses, economies, cultures and individuals today, and setting a path for the future.

Disciplined, Proven Investment Process

High conviction portfolios backed by intensive proprietary research
Deep industry fundamental and on-the-ground research to create concentrated, high conviction portfolios
Seeks superior, risk-adjusted return profile
Not managed to an index, rather, we strive for high active share and a non-correlated portfolio return
Portfolio managers together since 2013, with 50 years’ combined experience
Team specializes in growth investing, with decades of investment experience and first-hand skills gained from managing companies
Long-term investment approach, adjusted opportunistically
Seeking opportunities in investment controversy, where we disagree with Wall Street analysts
Strong sell discipline and risk controls
Deep industry fundamental and on-the-ground research to create concentrated, high conviction portfolios
Fully aligned with investors
Transparent and fully aligned with investors

Insights & News

First catalyst for Tesla is finding a Twitter CEO, says Future Fund’s Gary Bla…

12.15.2022  Gary Black, Future Fund managing partner, joins ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss whether the Tesla brand has been negativel... Read More


word cloud

Megatrend: Climate Sustainability

9.14.2022   The Future Fund ETF (FFND) has been increasing the Fund's exposure to the climate sustainability megatrend. (As of 9/12/22... Read More


Tax-Loss Harvesting Poised to Accelerate ETF Adoption

8.8.2022   Gary Black spoke with Ignites about potential advantages of using ETFs as a tax-loss harvesting strategy in today’s market... Read More



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